Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon

Grand Historian


Dear Worthy Knight Secretary,

The Order is very fortunate in having a Grand Historian, who not only looks after our historical records but also prepares and delivers papers which are intended to enrich and enhance our members understanding of the Order.

He will make himself available to travel to any Chapel making a request to deliver one of his papers as listed below. This must always, of course, depend on his availability.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for him to simply send the paper for delivery by another knight.

The approach should be by the Chapel Secretary, direct to Sir Terence of Mildenhall.

The List of papers currently available is:

1. “What’s in a name? The significance of Acre?”

2. “Power Politics and The Order of St Thomas of Acon.”

3. “Militarism, Monasticism, Mercers and Money. Why could no-one be found to take the office of Master.”

4. “The Knights of St Thomas of Acon and the Templars”.

5. “The Escallop shell and its symbolism.”

Contact details:

Sir Terence of Mildenhall, Terry Lewis,


In Humilitas et Caritas

Sir Michael of Accrington KH