Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon


(a)  Tunic of stone white material; long enough to cover the knees; to be fastened at the back; on the front a Latin Cross, four inches wide, the full length of the tunic, colour Medici Crimson, on which is superimposed a white Latin Cross one third of the width. The centre of the intersection of the Cross charged with a bronze Escallope Shell of a size to fit in a circle of no greater than 4 inches. (Note; in this Order the Badge is worn on every garment, a coquille, with the hinge of the Escallope shell at the bottom and fan opening at the top).

(b)  Mantle of similar stone white material to the Tunic, long enough completely to cover the Tunic with a hood of the same material lined with white silk; a white silken cord around the neck with a silken tassel at each end, which shall be tied in front of the collar with a bow; on the left breast a Greek Cross (straight limbs of ten inches length) divided vertically and horizontally red, white, red in even widths of 0.5 inches each, the white cross terminating 0.5 of an inch short of the ends of the cross; the mid-point of the Cross charged with a Bronze Escallope Shell, which shall be of a size to fit in a circle of no greater than 1.5 inches; the top of the cross six to eight inches below the left shoulder; the mantle is to be shaped or pleated at the neck and shoulder so that the two edges hang vertically in front.

(c)  Cap of crimson velvet, three inches deep; on the front of the cap a Bronze Escallope Shell upright.

(d)  Sword (Templar pattern) and Scabbard.

(e)  Belt of brown leather two inches wide, the buckle and tongue brass; a leather Sword Frog on the left side.


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