Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon


Music in our Chapels

In this very special Order of Freemasonry the scene is set in a Chapel and the new candidate approaches an open door.

This gives us guidance that the atmosphere within should be quiet and contemplative.  While awaiting an approaching possible new member those inside the chapel should be silent and the music quiet to set the scene. Listen to the "Dies Irae" which accompanies this page of the website.  Whilst we haven't the resources to perform such music in our regular ceremonies, the organist will probably try to capture the contemplative mood.  So those present should remain silent.

At other times during the ceremony, the music can be much more robust as movement is usually at a marching pace in this military order.

There are good opportunities for fanfares to proclaim new Knights, so a versatile organ will enable the organist to provide the wide range of colour as the ceremony unfolds.

In this Christian Order we sing two well known hymns, “He who would valiant be...” and “Onward Christian Soldiers....” Both are well known so the singing is hearty and full of vigour.

Naunton Liles (Sir Naunton of Naunton)